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Vampire Clan Quiz

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This is a test to tell what vampire clan you belong in, and yes, we all belong in one or another.........

Email EITHER OR (not both) with your answers. It should be as the number (e.g. 1.) and then the letter of the answer of your choice (e.g. A). The next questions answer would be on the next line (e.g. 2. C).

Just to tell everyone, we, the creators of this website, are not vampires.  We just thought it would be fun to give people this quiz.  We researched the clans and put it together, like a personality test.  So don't take it too seriously.


  1. It is the school dance. Who are you going with?

     A. You are really annoying, do you know that??!!
     B. Someone from the archery club
     C. I go with my other personality
     D. No one will go with me I'm too ugly
     E. One of the popular people to get on their good side
     F. I'm not going to the dance
     G. The richest boy/girl in school
     H. None of these

  2. You have the day all to yourself. What do you do?

     A. Take my aggressions out on a punching-bag in practice for you
     B. Camp out
     C. Practice hypnotism…muahahahaha
     D. Wallow in self-pity
     E. Suck up to the popular people
     F. Investigate my family history
     G. Go shopping
     H. None of these

  3. What are you doing for your birthday?

     A. What is this question?? Stupid, stupid!!!
     B. Going to the gym
     C. I don't celebrate my birthday, only the voices' birthday
     D. Get a makeover
     E. Going to a concert
     F. Going to the queen's castle for a spot of tea (I'm a regular)
     G. Nothing much…alone…
     H. None of these

  4. What is your dream job?

     A. Me work? I get fired at every job I try for yelling at the boss
     B. Hunter, park ranger
     C. The voices don't like to work
     D. Isolated cubicle
     E. Model
     F. I already work on TOP SECRET missions for the CIA
     G. Retired
     H. None of these

    5.  What is your dream vacation?

        A.  If you ask me one more stupid question I'm gonna impale you
        B.  Safari in Africa
        C.  The voices like Bermuda...
        D.  A cave where no one can see me
        E.  I'd take the popular people to a great place then maybe I'd get on their good side
        F.  I'd go to a hotel and get myself a spa treatment
        G.  Mars, I've traveled everywhere on earth
        H.  None of these

    6.  If you won the lottery, what would you do?

        A.  That's it! You're getting impaled
        B.  Buy a nature reserve
        C.  I would give it to the voices, no, no, no, I don't understand, yes master, of course I'll give it to you!!!
        D.  I'd get plastic surgery
        E.  Take the popular people on a shopping spree
        F.  I'd probably buy a big house on a hill away from everyone
        G.  Oh please, I'd probably donate it, who needs that chump-change?
        H.  None of these

    7.  What is the most appealing quality in a person?

        A.  I hate you! I hate people! I hate this question!   
        B.  Ruggedness, and people who like nature.
        C.  People who don't eat sandwiches, the voices don't like sandwiches...
        D.  People who can stand my looks.    
        E.  Outgoing people with fashion sense!!!!   
        F.   I don't talk to many people...       
        G.  People who are up in the social ladder, ie. class president, captain of the football team
        H.  None of these

    8.  If you could be any animal what would it be?

        A.  A shark so I could kill the people who wrote these questions
        B.  A horse
        C.  I want to be a mongoose...can I be a mongoose?...the voices like Jamaican geese
        D.  A turtle
        E.  A sheep 
        F.  A wolf
        G.  A cat
        H.  None of these

    9.  What is your favorite band/music artist?

        A.  Music gives me headaches!!!!
        B.  Any country singer
        C.  Dog Fashion Disco
        D.  Good Charolette, especially the "Little Things"
        E.  Britney Spears
        F.  Antiflag
        G.  N*SYNC, they've played in my backyard 12 times!
        H.  None of these

    10.  Who is your idol?

        A.  Fred Durst
        B.  Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter)
        C.  Albert no voices....I mean, of course it's you!
        D.  All the ugly people in the world
        E.  The popular people
        F.  No one knows their name
        G.  Queen Elizabeth
        H.  None of these