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Rachel's Home Page


Who am I?

I, Rachel, am a girl (could you guess?) I go to a school in Bergen County New Jersey.


What are my interests?

My interests are (long list):




Watching TV

The Internet (don't we all love that)

Website Making

Violin Playing

Writing Poetry


My Interests More Specifically :)

Singing: Once I joined a chorus class outside of school but didn't like it. This year in school I am in a chorus and a special chorus :).

Drama: I haven't done much with drama except for joining a drama club a few years ago at school though it had to shut down and was pretty unprofessional.

Reading: I read by taking books out of the library (Who would have thought of that?) In the summer in our town there is a contest where you read over the summer and get awards for how many pages you read but I don't do it anymore...waste of your summer if you ask me.

Watching TV: I love the Disney Channel and some MTV stuff... fav shows? uhh... Boy Meets World, Road Rules, Will and Grace (gotta love Jack!)

The Internet: Any free time I have besides reading and TV? Spent on the comp!  Fav website? I don't really have one...I guess - it has some great stuff.

Website Making: I have completed one website, on Harry Potter, but I shut it down cause it was stressful...I am just a kid people!

Violin Playing: I play the violin through private lessons and am in a small small small group started by my teacher.

Writing Poetry: I really like to write poetry, especially depressing poems, they are the only ones I can get enough feeling into.


My Links

Harry Potter Crossword Puzzle

Harry Potter Website

Fortune Telling Website


Some Links (not my websites)


Hmm, what else is there to say?

Well, what else is there to say? I have AOL Instant Messenger but I'm not an AOL user. I am NegativeXY.

Umm... my favorite movie is Legally Blonde or maybe Three to Tango and my favorite book... I don't know. Actually, here's a list of my favorite things.

    Food: Pizza, Gyros, Chinese

    Vacation (that I've been on): California

    Book: Sophie's World (you all should read it! It's a book on the history of philosophy!)

    Movie: Legally Blonde

    Animal: Cat as domestic, Elephant as wild

    Instrument: Violin (I wonder why that is)

    Artist: CÚzanne

    Music: Band is SOAD (system of a down)

    Color: Green (any shade)

    Piece of Art: don't know

    Subject in School: Math! Or French, for that matter...J'aime beaucoup le francais et les mathematiques.

   Song: ???, idk

   Play: Les Miserables or Annie Get Your Gun


My page continued (but you don't really want to know more about me do you?)