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Which Person From Advanced Analysis II Section 09 Are You?

1) It's Friday night. What are you doing?
Getting a good night's sleep - we have 5 math team competitions tomorrow!
Out partying!
Chatting on MSN while giving math help to those who need it.
There's this REALLY cool game called Maple Story that you should check out...

2) Who is your boyfriend/girlfriend?
I don't have one - I have an cheerleading *cough*orgy*cough* squad instead. Some people have claimed to see me with an AMC10, but that is untrue. I would only date AMC12s.
I don't have one - I don't have time to, all my free time is spent in math team or doing homework.
I don't have one - All the members of the opposite gender are scared of me because I play computer games all day.
This jock in Visual...

3) What set of words appeals the most to you?
mushroom, calculator games
four, kimchi, Spanish
Mandelbrot, chocolate
summer, basketball

4) Firehouse! Which combination of names would be the hardest for you to choose one person to save, one person to throw out the window, and one person to let burn, because you would want to save them all?
Any 3 non-geeks
Creator of Maple Story, 2 math team sophomores
It would be no problem for me as there is only one person I would really want to save.
Mr. Holbrook, Jae Bae, a grader of the AMC10

5) Which college/university would you like to attend the most?
Harvard, Yale, Princeton, anything Ivy League
Well, I'll be getting early admission just about anywhere...

6) Don't stress, but there's a HUGE TEST today and you haven't studied AT ALL!!! What do you do?
Study? Me? Why would I need to study? I should be in calculus now!
Stress. Probably cut all the rest of my classes so I could study. But that would never happen, I always study!
Eh, I wouldn't care much. It's just a grade.
There is no test. I made that up just to freak you out, sorry. I'll never do it again!


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