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My Wonderful Self


In the Beginning**

What time and day is it right now: Sunday, October 20, 2002, 11:20
Do you dare to finish this: Definitely - I am that bored

**The Basics**
Name:  Rachel
Aliases: I have none
Birthdate: 08/16/500 BC
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Gender: Female
Location: NJ
Past Location: uhh…well I was born in a hospital in NYC but I came home to NJ
Hair Color: brown…but I want to streak it when my mom lets me
Eye Color: brown (notice a pattern???)
Height: 5’1.5” I think
Braces or No: braces
L…I’ll get them off in a year or so (supposedly)
Piercings/Tattoos: no tattoos…I have my ears pierced (just 1 hole)
What are you wearing: a sweater and jeans…my favorite shirt is my system of a down one though…the shirt I would most like to buy is one of those that has like an insult or funny saying on it (eg. " You're just jealous because the voices are talking to me."

" Some days it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps."

"People like you are the reason people like me need medication."

"I am not antisocial, society is anti-me."

"Don't piss me off, I'm running out of places to hide the bodies."

"I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not sure."

" keep cops off donuts.")

Type of Music: I don’t know how to classify it…rock I guess…alternative? Some emo cause I like to sing to it. I HATE HATE HATE rap and hip-hop. Pop is so stupid except for a few songs. I HATE Britney Spears and the other artists who do what I call “sex songs.” Let me clear something up. I like to sing to Avril Lavigne’s music sometimes. However, I f*cking hate her! She is such a poser!!! She thinks she is rock…*shakes head* She is really just emo/pop with more guitar. And she breaks all her instruments. What’s up with that? Grrr…..
Bands/Groups/artists: I love System of a Down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (aka. Soad)
TV Shows: umm…I will probably sounds stupid but I think Boy Meets World is funny. I like Road Rules and Real World (except this season in Las Vegas SUX)
Foods: (long list) - rice, French fries, Italian/French bread, gyros, Chinese, pizza, any kind of chocolate, those Cup of Soups, chips, hummus, salsa, pita bread
Instrument: violin cause I play it and have for 2 years. For those of you who know what the Suzuki method is, I have been doing it for 1 year and a summer and am in the middle of book 3 (is proud)
Drink: lemonade, orange soda, any other soda besides root beer (HATE rootbeer)
Magazines: I don’t read magazines much…I get a subscription to Girls Life which is stupid. I get it so I get a Girl Scout patch
Books read: Lots and lots…not so many reading anymore...ha-ha….but I like the Three Musketeers series…I read The Three Musketeers and 20 Years After. I am now reading The Vicomte de Bragelonne. I also read The Count of Montecristo (you can tell I like Dumas’ books?)
Place to hang: my house, in front of my tv or computer. Or, around town or in pizza hut with my friends the addict, the alien, and Skippy
Quality in the opposite sex: intelligence, humour, niceness
Hobbies: the normal stuff…stabbing people who annoy me repeatedly with a blunt knife
Cereal: I hate cereal…just the thought of it makes me want to puke. I guess if I had to pick, Grapenuts.
Subject in School:  Math or French (I’m assuming you mean favorite for all of these ques). Les Mathematiques (l’algebre) ou le francais.
Day of the week: Friday because you are done with school for a whole 2 days and don’t feel guilty about not working on your big project (guilty)
Month: June…school ends!!!
Season: October
J..inside joke to the addict….seriously: early fall
Alcoholic Beverage: give me a couple of beers and I’ll be happy….J/K! I am too young to drink and plan on being a teetotaler
Fruit: Apples, Strawberries, Peaches
Veggies: Carrots, Corn,
Fast Food Place
: Wendy’s or Burger King (DIE MCDONALDS!!!)
Restaurant: any place that serves food that’s not Mexican or indian
Number: 5…or infinity
Holiday: Halloween or Thanksgiving, Halloween cause you get to dress up like a psycho (or in my case a vicious bloody death goddess) and get free candy. Thanksgiving cause my psycho cousins who thought the addict was a boy come
Color: Green
Cartoon: ummm…..idk…I don’t watch many cartoons.
Pizza topping(s): Extra cheese, pepperoni, or sausage - or all 3
Movie soundtrack: none
Animals(s): cats - I have 2
Candy: Anything chocolate!!!! I NEED MY CHOCOLATE!!!
Places to shop: I hate to shop. Hot Topic is ok.
Car: not a convertible….maybe some sedan (black with black)

Have You Ever?**
Danced around naked: god no
Gotten Drunk: again, god no
Ran away from the cops: every day after my routine murder
Shoplifted: no
Held a gun: of course...this is the 21st century!!! Lol…
Committed a crime you were charged with: duh…otherwise how would I have gotten in jail????
Gotten in a car accident: no
Watched Punky Brewster: whatever that is, no
Gone skinny dipping: nope
Ran away from home: nope…well sort of - I mean, I have run down our driveway to go to school - is that running away from home?
Cheated on a test: no… I get those A’s all by myself
Played strip poker: no
Broken a bone: no
Had a medical emergency: no (thank the god that doesn’t exist)

Sang out loud: All the time…say last night?
Cried:  ditto
Screamed: ditto
Ate Chinese Food: ditto
Watched a Cartoon: umm…this morning cause I was bored to hell
Took a picture: *click* just now

Do You?**
Have a pager: no
Have your own car: I’m not old enough
Have money in your pocket: no…but I have $60 in my wallet (to be saved)
Have clothes on right now: ...Um, yes...
Have a mental disease: Absolutely…otherwise why would I be filling this out. According to some online quiz my personal mental disorder is that’s I’m schizoid
Have any pets: yes…one angelic cute male balanese cat (cousin of Siamese) called Mookie. And one devil scared black kitten name Jinx who’s on kitty speed and/or crack all the time
Save emails: Until my inbox explodes
Smoke: no
Do Drugs: do I *inhale, exhale* look like I *inhale, exhale* do drugs?
Drink: not alcoholic drinks but I like soda
Have a Girlfriend or Boyfriend: No (I’m swinging single)
Have a Crush: Yep…..unrequited though
Look like anyone famous: no and if anyone said I did I’d be insulted.
Sleep with stuffed animals: sorta…I do in the winter to keep warm
Sleep with the lights on or off: off
Think you’re weird: all the time
Think you’re funny:  I hope so
Have any brothers and sisters: 2 sisters who are in their 30’s (this tell u how old my dad is???)
Have a pool: umm…my house did about 30 years ago but the people before us filled it in so we don’t now
Party a lot: nope…I never get invited and if I was I wouldn’t go
Go on-line a lot: I am practically married to my modem!
Sleep a lot: yeah….but on weekends I get up earlier than any of my friends
Curse a lot: not that f*cking much, but when some f*cking person is being a b*tch or bast*rd, I’ll tell them they’re a f*cking piece of sh*t!!
Have a job: no
Like lollipops: peach ones

This or That**
Button fly or zipper jeans: zipper - faster
WWF or WCW: neither
Cookies, cakes, or pie: all three!!!! Yum!!
French toast, pancakes, or waffles: pancakes….and bacon (I have such a healthy diet)
Twinkies or ding-dongs: neither - I agree with someone who did this survey before and say they taste like dirt
Coffee or tea: Tea. Coffee doesn’t wake me up really and I need about half of it to be chocolate for me to get it down
Hot or cold: uhh…hot in the winter, cold in the summer
One pillow or two: I want 2, but I only have 1
New or old: New
Here or there: anywhere but here
Sweater or sweatshirt: sweatshirt over a sweater
Pencil or pen: pencil but my teachers yell at me for that… except for math - she insists on pencil for handed in work…many a dot have been given for pen (inside joke to addict and skippy)
T-shirt or tank top: T-Shirt
Stripes or solids: stripes in pool, solids on clothes
Wool or cotton: cotton...wool is itchy
Chocolate milk or plain: I don’t drink milk
Celsius or Fahrenheit: Fahrenheit
History or science: history (I hear too much science at my house cause my dad teaches and works with biology and my mom used to)
Summer or winter: I guess summer so I can wear short sleeves without freezing my ass off
Skiing or swimming: swimming I never went skiing
Croutons or Bacon Bits: croutons
2 doors or 4 (on a car): 4
Blanket or stuffed animal: stuffed animal
Shampoo or conditioner: I need both
Relationship or hookup: assuming I’m ever in one, relationship
Purple grapes or green: green (or red)
Lefty or righty: righty
Bridges or tunnels: tunnels
Adidas or nike: I don’t care about shoe brands but if I had to choose, addidas (cause of the whole child labor thing with nike)
Coke or pepsi:  PEPSI ROCKS!
Oranges or apples: apples
Blondes or brunettes: I am brunette myself so I automatically think they’re cool. In guys, brown hair because the blondes are usually jocks (I don’t care that I’m stereotyping - I also like the stereotype “dumb blonde”)
Pools or hot tubs: pools
TV or radio: TV
Snow or rain: rain…snow is too cold
what is your most prized possesion: my sanity…no wait….I lost that last week…
What is your good luck charm: I used to think anything with a ladybug was, but now it gave me bad luck
What is the worst song you've ever heard:  there are too many to count…probably anything rap, hip-hop, or Britney Spears.
What is the most embarrassing CD you own: some free thing I got at a party with 5 songs that I’ve never listened to of a “rising star” rap artist
What do you usually do when you are bored?: what does it look like? surveys or quizzes
What is the last movie you rented?: Ocean’s 11?
brand of shoes do you wear: I told you, I don’t like brands - I do however have a pair of K-Swiss
What kind of clothes do you sleep in: an oversized t-shirt and pajama bottoms
What are your favorite girl names: Léa (or Leah), Sophie, Lily, Emma, Veronica, Raven, Phoenix, Brittany, Corrine, Jade, Sapphire, Zinnia, Tory
What are your favorite guy names: Cameron, Paul, Jason, Luke
What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex: probably hair if I’m just glancing at them…god I am so shallow
What college do you wanna go to: an ivy league one - I say shoot for Harvard lol…but maybe Columbia
What does your room look like: very plain…purple carpet, white walls with some soad posters. It’s neat cause my mom’s a neat freak but right now it has some papers for a project strewn about. If I had my way it would have a light blue carpet with very light blue walls on which are painted the sun and clouds OR a dark red carpet with dark red walls with neon signs on them.
What (was/will be) the best day of your life: It hasn’t been yet - maybe once I graduate college, or get married or something.
What color underwear are you wearing:  Why should you care? Don’t you come stalking me! And for your information, I am wearing purple and yellow polkadotted underwear with red and green stripes.
secret that you could tell:
Who is the coolest person you know: I know my friends (especially addict) want me to say them…but I will have to say………..ME!!!! hahaha…very egotistical

Random Questions**
Which of the seven dwarfs fits you the best: dopey…on account of how much crack I consume everyday
How many times did you fail your Drivers License Test:  Haven’t taken it yet
How many people are on your contact list: not many….but my block list is HUGE!
What kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use: uhhh….idk…whatever my mom gets
If you had 3 wishes what would they be: 1) immortality for myself and those I care about 2) good luck  3) infinite wishes
Are you stupid: Nope (A student remember?) But in the way of common sense…uhh…yeah probably I am
How many bedrooms does your house have: 3 - mine, my parents’, and a guest one. We also have 1 or 2 rooms that could be bedrooms
Are you ticklish: yes so don’t get near me
how many kids do you wanna have: 2…two girls or a girl and boy. But I might want to adopt to give some kids a chance

In The End**
Are you tired of filling this out: YES FOR GODS SAKES
what is the next thing ur going to now: uhhh...I am going to put this on the web then play my violin
What time is it now? 11:54
Things I will never ever say: Lots of stuff. Here’s a list (no order):
1) Mom, can we go clothes shopping?
2) I want to tell you everything that went on today mom!
3) I hope I fail this test.
4) Wow! Britney Spears is like my idol!!
5) Please give me more homework!
6) I don’t know how to add and subtract.
7) I want to play sports.
8) I love you world!
9) Die computer, die!!!
10) George Bush is the greatest president ever!
11) Let’s go bomb the whole world!
12) But I don’t want this chocolate!
13) Baaa…baaaa….