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What is this place?

It's called Earth.


First Things, First:
[spell your name backwards] lehcaR
[age] 13
[where do you live] New Jersey, USA, North America, Earth, our solar system, the Milky Way galaxy, our star cluster, the universe
[four words that sum you up] intelligent, introverted, jealous, cynical

[hairbrush] wood handle, soft bristles
[pillow cover] white with small blue and pink flowers in clusters
[shoes] white with blue trim.  I like black shoes, but I always need white for Music in the Parks, so it saves $$$.
[cologne/perfume]  N/A
[piercings] ears pierced once

[wishing] for lots of things
[after this] ftp it to the web, then tv
[talking to] no one
[eating] nothing
[some of your fave movies] The Ring, High Fidelity, Pirates of the Caribbean (of course), Sleepy Hollow
[something you're looking forward to in the upcoming months] summer

[ believe in
love ] yes
[ believe in
love at first sight ] no
[ believe in forgiveness ] yes
[ want to get married ] yes
[ want to have kids ] yes
[ believe that you know the person that you'll marry at this point in time ] I doubt it, as no one has expressed a romantic interest at the present.

[cried] yes
[bought something] a cookie
[gotten sick] I seem constantly sick with some cough thing that makes it hard to sing
[sang] yes
[eaten] yes
[been kissed] no
[felt stupid] this afternoon
[wanted to tell someone you loved them, but didn't] no, but I did want to tell someone I liked them.
[met someone new] no
[talked to an ex] no
[missed an ex] no
[talked to someone you have a crush on] yes...if you consider it a crush
[had a serious talk] I guess
[hugged someone] no
[fought with your parents] yes
[dreamt about someone you can't be with] not dreamt

[ closest girl friend(s) ] iris, sherron, helen, ?taylor?
[ closest guy friend(s) ] josh, nicky
[ pager/cell ] cell number 7, maximum security prison
[ would you rather be with friends or on a
date] as I've never experienced the latter, I'd choose be with friends.  of course, since I do not believe it is "incest", I wouldn't mind being with a friend on a date
[like being around people ] often, but not with ray and josh in the same room

[ have you known the longest ] my parents...but of friends, helen
[ who do you always get along with ] no one really...but I almost always get along with iris
[ is the most trustworthy ] sherron, I know she'd never tell my secrets
[ makes you laugh the most ] josh, hands down
[ is the nicest girl(s) ] iris has been through so much crap lately, so her, at the moment
[ is the nicest guy(s) ] idk...josh is really nice to me, but nicky is probably the nicest overall
[ has the coolest parent(s) ] sherron
[ has the coolest sibling(s) ] although I've never met josh's brother, sherron assures me he's cool
[ do you miss whom you haven't seen in a long time ] *clears throat* *cough* *ahem* *ahem* *hacking cough*. <--each different type represents a different letter
[ is the smartest ] all my friends I listed are me shallow, but I need friends who aren't dumb as rocks
[ last called ] I last called: sherron, Josh last called me
[ last emailed ] I last emailed sherron, sherron last emailed me
[ makes you smile ] josh and sherron
[ easier to talk to: boys or
girls ] it depends...there are certain things you just can't talk to guys about, ditto for girls
[ do you cry with ] I recently cried with all my friends, over something not such a big deal
[ ever liked someone you had no chance with ] story of my life.  since 4th grade.
[ever lied to your best friend ] yes
[ever wanted to get revenge on someone b/c they hurt you ] yes
[ cried over the opposite sex ] yes, often
[ have a certain "type" of person you go after ] intelligent.  I have liked nice dorky, but can't put up with annoying dorky.  Of course, this question is sort of null in void because I haven't gone after anyone
[ rather be a dumper or be dumped ] dumper
[ rather have a relationship or "hook-up" ] relationship
[ what is your fave part of your physical appearance ] eyes
[ what is your fave part of your emotional being ] way of making things seem less serious, if need be
[ are you happy with yourself ] most parts
[ are you happy with your life ] some parts

HaVe You // Do YoU // ARe YOu
[obsessive] yes
[want to go to college] yes
[get motion sickness] sometimes
[get along w/ your parents] not often
[like thunder storms] I like the thunder, but not lightning
[sit on the
internet all day waiting for someone special to get on AIM?] *blushes*
[cried because of someone saying something mean to you] I have cried over what someone said, but this question doesn't phrase it right, and I don't know how to.
[been rejected] in like relationship-ness? not technically, because I never asked anyone out.  But the "incest" thing did reject me in essence.  Perhaps that it the answer to the above question.  in non-relationship-ness, yes, I have been passed over for many solos
[rejected someone] no
[used someone] not to my recollection
[done something u regret] second story of my life.  this year and last year.
[color ur hair] my mom highlighted it a little (light brown on dark brown)
[ever get off the computer] to eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom ;-)

[ if you could change one thing, what would it be ] in the world? wars.  in my life? make this guy like me :-).  in myself? make myself more outgoing and less bossy/control freak/not trusting anyone with work
[could u live without the computer?] no!!!!
[what hurts the most? physical pain or emotional pain?] physical
[trust others way too easily?] never
[last time slept with stuffed animal] end of winter
[houses lived in] 2
[schools gone to] 3 - preschool, acs, lms
[bedroom carpet] purple, but it may be green once the summer is over...or not
[last film seen in theatre] The Punisher (hot guy!)
[what do you eat for breakfast?] orange juice and toast w/ peanut butter often...something something else
[bedtime] between 10 and 11:30
[thing that bothers you the most] how much regret I have