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                                1. What is your favorite color?

                                2. What is your favorite animal?    

                                3. If you were to go on vacation to any of the seven continents, which one would you go to?

                                4. If you were facing a deadly serpent you had your wand, a book of spells, a sword, a way to escape, and the gift of Parseltongue       what would you do? 

                                5. What is your wizard/witch name?

                 (optional) 6. What is your email address?

                                7. What house would you like to be in?

                          8. What is your favorite beverage
                                    A. Water
                                    B. Milk
                                    C. Iced tea
                                    D. Lemonade

                               9. What is your favorite flower?
                                     A. Orchid
                           B. Rose
                                     C. Lilac
                           D. Dandelion

        Please email these answers to and you will be emailed back with your house as soon as possible











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