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A Plan to Annoy Filch

                        First you have to gather six people. Say they are Minerva, Sirius, James, Lily , Peter, and Remus.

                        Then you have to make yourselves look identical. That is essential. Not even eye color can be different.

                        Then make a map  of strategic points like this to set dungbombs on. You must have six dungbombs.


Filch's office   SJ║                                                            LM ║                                                          PR║

   LM ║                 PR ║                                    



                        The people are in pairs, labeled by their first initials. Each pair will have two dungbombs.

                        The first pair, SJ, will set off a dungbomb right by Filch's office. The noise and smell will attract Filch   and S and J will dance around and confuse Filch before running to their next location. Then LM will set off a bomb and so on and so forth. SJ should have three bombs and when their second turn is done they will run back to Filch's office.


Mischief Managed!